Lost City Atlantis Under Water

Lost City Atlantis Under Water 
Atlantis- a lost civilization. This mysterious city lost in the evolution of time is still considered a developed, civilized and utopian society.Adventure Atlantis is a dream city for loved ones.Where it may be  hidden treasure is a huge mystery of history.Whether the city of Atlantis exists or not — the debate on this issue never seems to end. Many famous archaeologists have claimed that there is a city of Atlantis, while many have dismissed this city as mere imagination of the famous philosopher Plato.Imagination and reality, adventure-loving people have repeatedly risked their lives for this city. Some have given their lives and sacrifices. Maybe the fate of the city has not yet been found, but the mysterious people have not yet given up.Let's take you back to the lost city today. Let's find out some unknown things about the lost city Atlantis Underwater.

The story of a mysterious cityThe first finds in the city of Atlantis are f…

5 Lost City-You wan't belive

             5 Lost City-You wan't Belive
From the birth of creation, different civilizations was  born in this world, different cities have been born. Some of these ancient cities have survived, have been improved. Again many cities are lost in the womb of time.
From the ancient city of Atlantis to the mysterious Eldorado, these ancient cities may have been lost in the womb of time, but their own mysterious stories and glorious histories still live on in people's minds. From the rugged jungles of Africa to the Mediterranean, these mysterious hidden cities have always attracted many explorers, many tourists. 
It has inspired many writers, many filmmakers. Many books have been written, many movies have been made.
Today I will take you to that lost mysterious kingdom where once there was a king, there was a queen, there was wealth. But in the rotation of time it is past.
Welcome to that city of the past.
1.City of ZHidden in the deep jungles of Brazil is this lost city "Z".…

History of Mughal Emperors

History Of Mughal EmperorsMughal Empire! Many people are still thrilled to hear the name of this historical empire. Even the most disinterested person would like to peek into that lost time. 
“History of Mughal Emperors” In this article, I will show you the rulers of the Mughal Empire who were lost in the womb of time.  Let me tell you about the Mughal emperors who ruled this Hindustan year after year.
 This is not just a historical essay. It is to go back in time and know world history. 
Welcome everyone to this journey. 

1.Zahir Uddin Muhammad Babur (1526-1530)Zahir Uddin Muhammad Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, was born on 20 February 1473 in the Fergana region of present-day Uzbekistan in Central Asia. His father Omar Sheikh Mirza was the ruler of the kingdom of Fergana. After the death of his father, Babur ascended the throne of the kingdom of Fergana when he was only 11 years old.
 He is known as 'Babar' in the history of India for his bravery and fearlessness. He wa…

Biggest Scandals In "British Royal Family"

When it comes to the royal family, the first name that comes to mind is Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and her successors and ancestors.
 This world has been ruled numerous king and Emperors in different times and era. All this kings and the king of the kings and royal families have been lost in the evolution of time.
But the British royal family has become a legend as it still survives in time. The burden of state governance may no longer be there. 
But that did not diminish the glory of the royal family. To give an example of a perfect royal family, the British royal family comes up again and again. 
The people of the world still consider this royal family as the ideal example of the monarchy. The most of the people in the world think about British Royal Family that-" they always say the right thing, wear what's fashionable, have control over their children, consort with good people, treat those less fortunate with compassion, resist the temptation that plague the rest of societ…